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Lost Boy

A cello trio arrangement of Lost Boy is available here. There is melodic material in all the parts. The first part requires tenor clef.

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If I Die Young

A new string quartet arrangement of If I Die Young is available here. The melody stays in the first violin part for the arrangement.

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I Am for String Quartet

I have a new string quartet arrangement available. I Am by Vinyl Hearts. It was a fun arrangement to work on. Viola has the melody for the entire piece. It is available here.  

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Andante Cantabile

Andante Cantabile from Tchaikovsky’s String Quartet has been arranged for piano trio. It is available as a digital download here.

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Charlie’s New Adventure

Charlie is very excited about the new piano book, Adventures of Charlie Cat. He loves to listen to the new songs. He has been practicing next to the piano. I think he wants to join the circus.

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Journey to Joy

Journey to Joy is a new work for unaccompanied viola solo. Beginning in A Minor, Journey to Joy opens with a dirge. The double stop melody has A as a pedal tone throughout. The second section is a waltz. The … Continue reading

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Three’s the Charm

Three’s the Charm is a new trio in the key of G. Suitable for first and second year string players with piano. It is scored for violin, cello and piano. It can also be used with a bass playing the … Continue reading

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Two At A Time

Two At a Time is a new duet in the key of C Major. It could be played by two cellists or two bassists. It could also be played by one bassist and one cellist. Two At a Time is … Continue reading

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I’ve Got This

I’ve Got This is a new piano duet in the key of G. Waltz around the piano with a partner. It is available as a Digital download.  

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Sound of Silence for String Quartet

A new string quartet arrangement of The Sound of Silence is now available. All of the parts get to play the melody.

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