Tenor Clef Class

Tenor Clef Class will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 12:30 to 1:00 from July 7-30 on Zoom. We will be exploring tenor clef through the lens of great cello literature.

Register by email.

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Point Contest Results 2020


First, Second and Third Place in each Category.

Piano A
Grace 156
Megan 148
Kendall 92

Piano B
Mauralee 187
Jack 133
Bryce 113

Piano C
Philomena 105
Adalynn 99
Margie 87

Piano D
Andrew S. 280
Gabriel 272
Phoenix 187

Piano E
Bingan 863
Nathan 348
Molly 340

Piano F
Max 513
Rachael 427
Samantha 340

Strings A
Briella 136
Molly 126
Eve 88

Strings B
Bella 232
Alexandra 165
Madison 92

Strings C
Josephine 465
Sophie 279
Grace 249

Strings D
Alex 513
Jacob 254
Kaiden 188

Lorinda 1193
Dan 406
Carla 273

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Cello and Piano Music

Several students volunteered to contribute to the Beaver High School TRI-M Instagram page. You can hear Max and Alex playing Hey Jude, Alex playing Wayfaring Stranger, and Jacob playing the Swan. Sounds great!

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Popper Duet 4

I’ve made more duets for my online cello students.

Enjoy playing with the melody or the harmony. With the videos, you always have a duet partner even when practicing alone.

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Musical Cats

Charlie is not the only cat who likes music. Teaching online lessons, I’ve met some other musical cats.

Charlie is jealous of the cats with front row seats.

He’s dreaming about his friends coming back to play.

He can’t wait to play the musical alphabet game again.

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Down By the Station

This piece was learned by both partners entirely through remote lessons.

Enjoy a virtual video recital of Down By the Station.

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Concerto for 2 violins

This is a rehearsal recording from last spring. The video was taken as the students were preparing for the May recital.

As much progress as my students are making working through online lessons, I’m looking forward to having small groups meet again.

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Santa Lucia

I have over 100 new teaching videos as a result of online lessons. Here is one of me checking a duet part.

Now it is possible to be in a room alone and play duets.

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Practicing cello while isolated

I made example videos of the Lee Op 126, No. 4, 7, and 9 for one of my online students. I also did the duet parts so it would be possible to play with the “Miriam in a Box.” I hope it makes it more enjoyable.







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Sorry Charlie

The piano just doesn’t sound the same during online lessons.

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