“Miriam is consistently and patiently thoughtful.  She follows a steady, unwavering, comfortable and familiar process in the delivery of her instruction.  She is very imaginative, introspective and capable of deep concentration.  Her approach to her work is systematic and patient, characterized by persistence in helping others to develop.  Miriam expresses herself factually, with authority and always very respectfully.  She is very sincere and straightforward.  Miriam takes a hands on approach to ensure a high level of success with her students.  She works at a very consistent and deliberate pace.

Miriam has the most important quality that one can have offering instruction.  She has a vested interest in her students as people and very much wants them to succeed.  I give Miriam the highest recommendation as a music instructor.

My wife and I are very pleased to have her working with our son.  He very much enjoys the time he spends with Miriam learning piano and it is evident by the progress that he has made.  And well into my 40s, I had always had an interest in piano but had never had the opportunity and/or made the time for it.  Two years ago I would have chalked my thoughts of taking up piano at my age to being too old to start.  But encouraged by the success of our son, I have started taking lessons as well with Miriam and am having an absolutely wonderful time with it.” Frank Duzicky

“Thank you for sharing your gift of music with my grandchildren – Christopher, Joseph, Elizabeth and Gina. This gift is one they will have all of their lives. There is nothing that gives me more joy than to hear them play the violin and piano.” Julie Lintz

“We appreciate all you’ve done to help instill the love of all kinds of music in Tessa! She will be joining the marching band at YSU this fall. The dorm has a sound proof room with piano so I hope she’ll take full advantage of it. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher and friend to the girls.” Gyll Goehring

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all those years of patience and guidance with piano.  It’s something I appreciate to this day.” Lauren Hapach

“Thanks for putting up with me all these years. The viola is a part of my life, and you are and will remain to be my best teacher no matter what.” Kate Fierens

“I love the online lessons. Tali can have her lesson while her little brother is napping. I don’t have to deal with traffic and am always on time.” Anna

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. You were always so helpful and encouraging in my lessons and you have helped me progress so much.” Hannah

“Thanks even more for a very productive and engaging summer season. Very worthwhile. I feel no evidence of backsliding whatsoever.” Richard Patterson

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