Seeing Intervals, Thirds, Fifths, or Sevenths

Thirds, fifths and sevenths are all interval which have the notes both on lines or both on spaces. A third has the notes on adjacent lines. A fifth has the notes on lines with one line in the middle. A seventh has notes on lines with two lines in the middle. To think about the same intervals as beginning on a space. A third’s notes are in adjacent spaces. A fifth has one space in between the space notes. A seventh has two spaces between the notes.

Print the Third, Fifth or Seventh worksheet.

Write 3rd under the thirds. Write 5th under the fifths. Write 7th under the sevenths. (2 points)
Begin with the letter C, D, E or F. Label all of the following notes with the correct letter. (3 points)
Begin with the letter B. Label all of the following notes with the correct letter. (4 points)
Start with the note that would be correct for your clef. Play the exercise. (5 points)

Yes, you can submit it more than once for extra points. Bring it to your next lesson or submit by email.

About miriamtroxler

Miriam Troxler resides in Beaver, Pa, where she runs a private music studio. After graduation from Chatham University, she toured in Europe with the Continental Singers Orchestra as principal cellist. A long time member of Greenville Symphony Orchestra, she is also the founder and musical director of CelloBrationS. Miriam enjoys composing and arranging with several published pieces to date.
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