What is talent?

“If we believe talent is a birthright, then either we have it or we don’t. If we see it as a skill, then talent can be learned. I’ll add an alternative notion here that I think is worth considering. When we allow ourselves to be fully in the moment- those times that, in retrospect, we feel we were totally absorbed in an activity, a channel for the creative flow without any “self” getting in the way – we are probably our most talented selves.”
Ellen J Langer in On Becoming an Artist

About miriamtroxler

Miriam Troxler resides in Beaver, Pa, where she runs a private music studio. After graduation from Chatham University, she toured in Europe with the Continental Singers Orchestra as principal cellist. A long time member of Greenville Symphony Orchestra, she is also the founder and musical director of CelloBrationS. Miriam enjoys composing and arranging with several published pieces to date.
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