Economy Violin Classes, October 2

What am I supposed to practice? The links go to video examples.

2:00 Class

1. put a pencil in your case

2. practice open strings pizzicato

3. practice open strings arco

4. finger practice pattern (0,1,2,2,1,0) on page 7

5. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star first phrase

6. Adrian’s Song page 10

7. Yellow and Green Songs page 12

8. 10 Little Indians page 16

9. write the note names for the Blue Song page 13 and Purple Song page 14

3:15 Class

1. D Major Scale (pg 11 in Violin is Easy)

2. Chatter with the Angels add the new section

3. Skill Sheet 1 #2,4,5

4. Adrian’s Song pg 4 in Novice Book

5. Flop Eared Mule, violin 3 part

6. Flop Eared Mule, violin 1 part to the repeat sign add the new section

7. label all the A’s and B’s in the Bells of Amsterdam on pg 6 in Novice Book

Video of complete Chatter With the Angels

Video of complete Flop Eared Mule violin 1 part

About miriamtroxler

Miriam Troxler resides in Beaver, Pa, where she runs a private music studio. After graduation from Chatham University, she toured in Europe with the Continental Singers Orchestra as principal cellist. A long time member of Greenville Symphony Orchestra, she is also the founder and musical director of CelloBrationS. Miriam enjoys composing and arranging with several published pieces to date.
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