Point Contest 2019


Piano A
Bingan Lin 404
Adalynn Scassa-Justice 100
Emerson Ochtun 93

Piano B
Liliana Bixler 223
Gabriel Roberts 165
Mia Carbone 154
Annaliese Weigel 154

Piano C
Andrew Schaub 268
Rori Elder 232
Phoenix Mortimer 144

Piano D
Janna Rusnak 431
Lydia Willke 397
Nathan Schaub 255

Piano E
Sophie Burd 446
Max Duzicky 375
Rachael Lamb 327

Lorinda Troxler 747
Richard Patterson 319
Carla Smith 231

String A
Janna Rusnak 300
Grace Churovia 223
Ethne Bell 204
Amelia Francona 204

String B
Bella Churovia 255
Derrick Anderson 199
Alexandra Dietz 177

String C
Josephine McKenna 1745
Sophie Burd 493
Rebekah Spann 477

String D
Jacob Andrews 429
Jethro Bell 348
Alex Duzicky 333

About miriamtroxler

Miriam Troxler resides in Beaver, Pa, where she runs a private music studio. After graduation from Chatham University, she toured in Europe with the Continental Singers Orchestra as principal cellist. A long time member of Greenville Symphony Orchestra, she is also the founder and musical director of CelloBrationS. Miriam enjoys composing and arranging with several published pieces to date.
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