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Summer Project: Super Mario Bros Piano Duet

The Super Mario Bros Duet now has a video of the complete duet! Thanks so much Jacob! The sheet music is available here.

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Summer Project: Carnival of Venice

Molly and Bingan recorded the Carnival of Venice. It was rehearsed together most Fridays this summer for about 15 min. a week. Curious to hear how it turned out? The video is here.

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Global Musician Workshop

I just finished recording my video for the Global Musician Workshop. If you’re curious to see how it turns out, the performance information is below.

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On Your A Game

On Your A Game is a piano duet in A minor for early elementary players. In 3/4 time it requires the pianists to step up to the plate with accurate counting. Sheet music is available here. Listen to On Your … Continue reading

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Virtual Christmas Recitals

In September I began writing new Christmas carol arrangements. I made five versions for solo piano in different levels of difficulty. The red set is the easiest. Then following rainbow order, each set added more challenges. For my string students … Continue reading

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Marcello, Sonata No. 2 in E Minor, Allegro

Seniors Max and Jacob in a virtual recital playing the second movement of the Marcello Sonata. Listen to the performance here.

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Casual Recital

No reason to dress up! You can watch the Casual Recital just how you are. Watch the Casual Recital Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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The Swan

I made this recording while preparing for the Beaver Valley Montessori School String Instrument Demonstrations. The Swan Video New this year, choose your instrument and an animal or feeling. Have you heard a unicorn on the violin? A monkey on … Continue reading

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Lee Op. 126 Play Along Duets

I recently finished recording all 22 of the duets. Each duet has a separate video for top and bottom parts. For the top parts, I stayed in first position as examples for online students. The lower parts I was more … Continue reading

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Ave Maria Video

Ave Maria Enjoy!

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